duminică, 29 martie 2009

hidden memory

You can run from this world but you can not run from yourself, you can hide from this world but you'll see yourself hidden in a corner, yes is yourself the one who's allways wathcing you!

you can pass this pain to someone else but you won't be able to feel it anymore, you can wash your hands but the dirt will still be laying there somewhere ..

you can reflect yourself and as you reflect on this, you reflect on all this world, 'cause that's what this whole world is.. just your own reflection; saw it or not, believe it or not.. is what you reflect everything that is. 
  You migh just found the right answer or the right question to ask, but only you can answer to yourself, only you can question yourself on this matter, and you know the answer, you know you're right. aren't you?!   ...or is just me reflecting on you again?

is just me ?! alone?! like the wind?! full of anger, full of hate? ready to strike? ready to run and fly trought the sky? only?  just dreaming all about? ..never reflecting?  never to remember any memory?  ..I doub I reflect only this way, don't you doub this too?

can we share anything? or I'm just overbored and so deeply depressed and alone that I can reflect with thousands of true selfs.. can you do that too?

or really?  so we ..I mean us... can be the same? building the same reflected world over and over again from distant corners of our minds? of our memories, or our feelings?  can we ever build something like a bridge to share together this multitude of reflected selfs..can we experience different selfs?

what do you think? what do you imagine? what could I've done?! ..I did this by myself..or you were whispering to me ..what? something..you know what, and still continue to do it..or I still continue to create this illusion? ... 

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